Compact gas diluter with a smart software

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The smart and space-saver dilutor GasMix™ Zephyr

On-site customized Gas Standard Preparation has never been easier than with Zephyr – a compact version of well-known GasMix™ family from Alytech, France. This low cost, compact device is a smart companion in quality assurance for all gas analyzers, GC or gas detectors helping you significantly reduce your stock of gas standard cylinders and related cost.
In standard, the Zephyr is compatible with aggressive gases and active compounds like sulfurs, H2S, ammonia, VOC.
With its small foot print, imbedded smart software the Zephyr is widely used in various applications for gas mixing/dilution. Equipped with on optional internal battery (up to 8h autonomy operation) it can be installed where you need it, in the lab, in the field, in mobile lab.

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