GasMix NOMAD portable diluter


Nomad – New portable gas mixer, diluter !
GasMix NOMAD portable diluter

The popular AlyTech GasMix™ technology is now available for field auditors, quality assurance engineers, laboratory researchers, CEM operators and air monitoring station operators who perform calibrations and verification of gas analyzers at remote locations. New GasMix™ NOMAD is a compact and intelligent instrument that assists you in routine quality procedures where you need it: in a lab, in a mobile lab or at a customer site.

Packaged in a rigid case, equipped with built-in industrial PC and large touch screen the NOMAD operates under dedicated GasMix™ Windows software. Made by experts, the user-friendly and intuitive software allows creation, modification, and storage of unlimited number of mixing/diluting projects, including not only a gas generation sequences, but also library of gas standards, MFC calibration tables, user settings, external analyzer control parameters, and more.

Using GasMix ™ NOMAD you benefit of :

  • Economical and application driven design
  • Compliant to ISO 6145-7 standard
  • Proven Dedicated, user-friendly and intuitive GasMix™ software
  • User programmed calibration sequences
  • Manual start or full automation by synchronizing with an external analyzer
  • Rigorous metrology and traceability
  • Can be controlled by built-in or external PC





Standard gases and sequences of gas mixtures are defined through the GasMix™ NOMAD control interface, giving the ability to create projects adapted to every need and every procedure (repeatability, linearity…).
The GasMix™ NOMAD can handle pure gases, concentrated gas mixtures, most of aggressive and reactive gases like sulfuric compounds, or ammonia at trace level.
A typical configuration includes 4 gas channels, that allows connection of 2 span gases, interference gas and dilution gas. In this setup, the NOMAD is a full featured tool for multi-point span and zero calibrations, linearization, repeatability check, purity check, interference check and other applications.
No need for manual computations, the operator defines concentrations of calibration points and the software calculates flow rate of each channel considering the initial concentration of parent gas and the range of the corresponding MFC An Audit Trail function included in the software guarantees the operation traceability, recording the actual flows sent to the analyzers.

Proven by thousands users worldwide the GasMix™ is well suited for:
• Calibration of GC, µGC, gas analyzers
• Calibration, repeatability, and linearity checks of environmental AMS
• Validation, model building and calibration of FTIR, RAMAN and other spectrometers
• Preparation of customized secondary standards for calibration laboratories and inspections
• Generation of complex on-demand gas mixtures for specific research applications

Number of gas channels: 3 or 4
Inlet Gas Pressure: 3 bars nominal, max 8 bars
Outlet Pressure: atmospheric, higher on request
Flow accuracy: ±1% of the flow all over the scale
Dilution ratio: from 0,5 to 10000 of the initial concentration
Delivered with GasMix Windows software
Built-in panel PC or external PC control
Ethernet port communication
Operation temperature: 10 – 50°C
Power supply: 24VDC provided with AC adapter
Dimensions: L x l x h (cm) : 43 x 32 x 24
Weight: 10 kg
Connections: Swagelok 1/8′


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