Our Services

We offer a full services to our customers and distributors such as instrument calibration-validation, Remote maintanance, Trainings, Instruments rental.

Recalibration – Validation

Every individual Mass Flow Controller (MFC) used in GasMix instrument undergoes a rigorous calibration at Alytech factory. The system shows high stability over the time. But during normal operation some factors may contribute to affecting the accuracy of an instrument. Your instruments should regularly undergo, at a minimum, a calibration check if not a recalibration. Their frequency depends on the nature of your application. Alytech provides this metrological check and if necessary recalibration of your instrument. We will take the opportunity to carry out a leak test on the complete device and to carry out the analytical validation using a flame ionization analyzer (FID).


By phone or email we can solves many problems. Feel free to contact us when you have a question or you need a support. The next step is to take remote control of your analyzer. GasMix software allows that. Our engineer can perform the diagnistic remotely and assist you in solving application problem.
AlyTech’s mission goes beyond providing analytical equipment of state-of-the-art technology and high quality. Our experienced team brings you serenity through maintenance contracts.


Convinced that a high-tech instrument must be accompanied by a staff understanding and mastering it throughout its life AlyTech offers a training for GasMix gas mixers-dilutors.

Instruments Rental

AlyTech offers a variety of instruments for rent at very competitive prices. Our staff provides the necessary training in using these instruments and supports whenever required.

! Decontamination certificate

When you return  a GasMix to Alytech, for calibration, maintance or repair,  a declaration of decontamination must be sent along with the instrument (or parts).


   Please download the form here 
Repair and/or intervention on the devices will be performed if and only if the decontamination declaration is duly completed. Otherwise, the delay will be extended until we receive required information.

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