ZEPHYR – Compact diluter with a smart software


On-site customized gas standard preparation has never been easier than with the Zephyr – a compact version of GasMix™.
Due to its small size and embedded software, the Zephyr can be installed where you need it. With 5″ touch screen and intuitive interface the diluter is very simple in operation and widely used for various applications that involve only 2 gases. For example, the Zephyr is very cost efficient solution for creating multipont calibration gases from a concentrated gas standard and a diluent.

Benefits of the GasMix™ Zephyr :

  • Compatible with aggressive gases and active compounds like trace sulfur, ammonia, VOC
  • Small footprint, transportable
  • Can run up to 8 hours on internal battery (option)
  • Built-in software, no need for a PC
  • Intuitive interface, ease of use
  • Smart Sequence builder feature helps creation of multi-point curves in one click
  • Memory for 10 multi-segments dilution sequences
  • MFC calibration curves for each used gas
  • Fully compliant with ISO6145-7
  • Can communicate with an analyzer via dry contact or TTL





schema Zephyr

The dedicated smart software ZeSoft is fully automated and allows a single injection run or a fully automated and pre-programmed sequence. When Zephyr is used for the calibration of an analyser, accuracy of final concentration is very important. The uncertainty of the final gas concentration is calculated automatically taking into account the used flow and the certified uncertainty of the parent gas.

Unique Smart Sequence building feature helps operator to make multi-point calibration curves easily. User chooses the number of points, starting and ending concentration values, and the software calculates the respective concentration levels.
With an optional battery, the Zephyr can assure the interrupted gas supply during 8 hours, in case of main power cut-off or in a field operation.

The Zephyr can create accurate multipont dilutions from a concentrated gas standard and a diluent, make gas sample steam dilution or be employed for a supply of a synthetic gas atmosphere to a reactor or a glove box. Typical applications include:

  • Linearity check and calibration of GC with FID, TCD, PID, PHID,SCD, MS and other detectors
  • Calibration of gas analysers for refinery process control
  • Linearity check and calibration of trace elemental analysers
  • Validation / calibration of microGC for biogas characterisation
  • Creation of synthetic atmosphere in reactors for aging or oxidation
  • And much more applications

Number of gas channels: 2
Inlet Gas Pressure: 3 bars nominal, max 8 bars
Outlet Pressure: atmospheric, higher on request
Connections: Swagelok 1/8′ ,other on request

Performance characteristics of Zephyr:

Dilution ratio of the initial concentration: 1:2000 in standard / up to 10000 max
MFC operation range: 2 to 100% FS
Flow accuracy: ±1% of setpoint all over the scale
Repeatability: less than 0.1% of setpoint
Response time to the setpoint <5 sec

Gas compatibility

In standard with Kalrez seals, stainless steel 316 tubing with inert passivation coating. Compatible with most aggressive gases and active compounds like trace sulfurs, NO2, ammonia, VOC (for specific cases, please contact us)


Operation temperature: 10 – 50°C
Dimensions : L x l x h (cm) : 38 x 16 x 26
Weight: 6,5kg
Power supply: 90-260Vac, 1,5-4A, 50-60Hz
Optional: Li-ion rechargeable battery autonomy 8h
Brand Alytech

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