GasMix is the appropriate companion for most gas applications

GasMix fits to any applications:

  • Computer control or built-in software
  • Bench-top, portable or industrial rack housing
  • Deliver or Inject the gases to an analyzer, reactor or a canister
  • Talk to analyzer and synchronize automated gas injection
  • Watchdog all events during the gas preparation, record and report any anomaly
  • Rigorous metrology : full traceability, documentation, certification of the concentration accuracy
  • Unique on the market GasMix delivers a certificate for gas mixture produced

GasMix ™ use gives more freedom of action to the user.
Freedom to make your customized gas mixture when you need it.
Freedom vis-à-vis to your gas supplier: order less frequent
Freedom vis-à-vis to your analytical applications: one gas standard and infinite concentrations
Freedom of his schedule: GasMix ™ is time saver thanks to fully automated injection sequences

Petrochemical – Oil & Gas

Whether control laboratories, production facilities or R & D labs in the Oil & Gas industry, analytical constraints have

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Environmental Analysis

Protecting the environment is one of the problems of our century. Many laboratories conduct air testing and monitor industrial emissions to meet

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Specialty Gas Mixtures

Specialty gas mixtures and certified multi component calibration gas mixtures used  for research, analysis and control. They enable calibration

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Research and Development

Research and Development

GasMix serves researchers for generation of controlled gaseous atmosphere, synthesis gas, test gas,calibration mix and many other on-demand

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