LPG vaporizer AURA II


Simple, safe & cost-saving

LPG vaporizer AURA II

Everyone analyzing LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) knows challenges created by these products.
The solution offered by AlyTech is significantly increase productivity, safety and improve your quality assurance while running LPG samples.
Designed for laboratory use as standalone vaporizer for safe and repeatable vaporization of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or other liquefied gas for sampling to GC, microGC, GC/MS or elemental analyzer.
A combination of AURA II with GasMixTM Aiolos dilutor/injector is often used by petroleum laboratories for total sulfur analysis in compliance with ASTM D6667 or D7551.
Saving operator time and money, this solution enables the automation of gaseous and LPG samples injection, as well as performing a multipoint calibration from a single standard.
The new AlyTech vaporizer significantly increases productivity, safety and improves your quality assurance while running LPG or other liquefied gas samples. Equipped with heating, pressure, and flow regulators it is flexible to fit optimal conditions for your application.


  • Compact device, simple and ease of use
  • Low operating pressure, maximum operator safety
  • All tubing are inert treated for trace analysis
  • Heated transfer line assures 100% gas phase injection
  • Regulated output pressure 1 to 3 bar abs
  • Regulated output flow 20 to 200 cc/min
  • Inlet gas pressure security by relief valve





Often used in conjunction with the GasMix Aiolos gas dilutor/injector in petroleum laboratories, the combination of AURA II and Aiolos allows automated injection of gas and LPG samples and multi-point calibration from a single standard cylinder, saving time and money.
The unit is capable of handling inlet pressures up to 50 bar and providing a regulated outlet up to 3 bar. After the vaporiser, all lines are heated to prevent condensation. A 1 metre heated transfer line is supplied as standard. Switching valves and gauges are fitted to regulate the output gas either in pressure or flow, depending on the requirement of the analyser.

Oil & Gas companies:
– Liquified gas sampling to GC, microGC, GC/MS
– Calibration of elemental analyzers
– LPG sampling for detailed hydrocarbon analysis
– Analyses of LPG or liquified gas
– Gaseous samples preparation

Vaporizer temperature: 40 – 160 °C
Heated Line temperature: 120°C
Heated line length: 1 meter
Max inlet pressure: 50 bar
Max outlet pressure: 4 bar
Output Flow: 20 to 200 ccmin (methane
Connectors: Swagelok 1/8′
Power supply: 24V DC (external)
Size: L x W x H (cm): 22 x 27 x 31
Weight: 8 kg

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