The intelligent gas mixer, diluter & injector To save money and gain in flexibility, many laboratories use Aiolos – dynamic gas mixer from AlyTech – to perform multi-point calibration,linearity checks, LOQ/LOD validation. The Aiolos II is the last generation of this popular GasMix™ product produced by AlyTech since over 10 years. By mixing and / Show more


  Compact diluter with a smart software   On-site customized gas standard preparation has never been easier than with the Zephyr – a compact version of GasMix™. Due to its small size and embedded software, the Zephyr can be installed where you need it. With 5″ touch screen and intuitive interface the diluter is very Show more


Versatile tool to make really complex gas mixtures Diluting – Blending up to 16 gases simultaneously ! The most powerful in GasMix™ family, this gas mixer/diluter can automatically prepare and deliver complex gases to virtually all kinds of analytical instruments, reactors, or sensors. Key benefits : Unique on the market Fully automated mixing system up Show more


Enhanced functionalities of GasMix™… in a 19″ rack The GMRack is the industrial version of the most popular laboratory gas mixer/diluter Aiolos II. Designed and manufactured by Alytech, this version of GasMix addresses to the applications outside of the laboratory . Compatible with the standard 19“ rack mount, this system accommodates up to 6 gas Show more


Calibrate 3 analyzers in a row automatically ! Model ATMO calibration gas generator dedicated to the air monitoring agencies. Developed in collaboration with French air monitoring agencies, GasMix™ ATMO can calibrate 3 analyzers in a row automatically. Compliant to EN standards: Repeatability and linearity tests of SO2, NO-NOX and CO analyzers are simplified and automated. Show more


LPG VAPORIZER Simple, safe & cost-saving Everyone analyzing LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) knows challenges created by these products. The solution offered by AlyTech is significantly increase productivity, safety and improve your quality assurance while running LPG samples. To help analysts AlyTech engineers designed AURA – LPG vaporizer is equipped with a heat regulator to set optimal Show more


Generate your gas standard from a liquid Some analytical fields need gas standards which are not easily commercially available in gas cylinders. AlyTech has developed LiqMix specifically for those applications when you need to produce a standard gas from a liquid or liquid mixture. The system vaporizes in precisely controlled manner a liquid into a Show more

LIQMIX Cascade

Generate your gas standard from a liquid down to ppb levels The LiqMix Cascade is a laboratory instrument designed for automatic generation of customized calibration gas mixtures by controlled evaporation of a liquid and future dynamic dilution/mixing with one or several gases. The system can generate a standard gas at different oncentrations down to trace Show more


Portable Calibration Gas Generator Based on permeation tube technology combined with precise mass flow controllers, and built-in purified air generator, PerMix ATMO is unique all-in-one calibration solution for laboratory, mobile labs or remote locations use. This portable device contains all components to assure the autonomy of operation including built-in computer, air pumps, mass flow controllers, Show more

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