Alytech offers different accessories: manual outlet flow regulation, software-driven automatic regulation (FRED), outlet pressure regulator, pressure limiter, inlet gas multiplexing, automatic outlet gas distributor, bottle rack preparation of liquids, automatic Cleaning cylinders.

Our products from the GasMix™ or LiqMix™ range can be delivered with :







FReD (Flow Regulation Device) is used to set and regulate the flow of gas produced, via the control software. Excess flow is automatically sent to the vent. An essential accessory when it is necessary to produce a constant flow, whatever the dilution rate is. FReD is added to the output of your dilutor/mixer and exists in an external or internal version to the GasMix™ box. FReD is not compatible with Zephyr Diluter software.



Here is a very simplified version of FReD where the outlet flow is regulated using a simple needle valve.







This accessory can be placed upstream or downstream of your dilutor. Placed upstream, it makes it possible to select via a multi-channel valve, controlled by the software, the supply gas of a channel of the dilutor. Conversely, placed downstream, it allows the selection of multiple delivery points to analyzers or other instruments. Up to 16 inputs, or outputs are possible.



PReM (Pressure Regulator Manifold) maintains a fixed pressure between the diluter outlet and the delivery point of the gas mixture. The pressure value is set manually. Excess gas is vented.


FL-KIT 01-18

Here is a simplified version of PreM where the overflow valve is replaced by a safety valve calibrated on demand.



CleaC (Cleaning Cylinders) is an accessory developed for the LiqMix™ product range. It allows the injection of rinsing liquids into the device, thanks to solenoid valves controlled by the software and an automated sequence. It thus prevents recondensations of liquids from contaminating the following mixtures, or from obstructing the lines. Such rinsing is strongly recommended after any measurement campaign. CleaC includes 3 tanks of 75 cc.


The following accessories are also available :

  • Cascade dilution module : allows a double dilution up to a factor of 10-8
  • Internal heated mixing lines and heated mixing chamber
  • Heated external line (1 meter – 2 meters – or other)
  • Bottle for liquid (1L) with back pressure valve and holder – Kalrez sealsSupport for 3 liquid tanks (50cc up to 100cc)
  • Tank, with valve, of 75 cc for liquid
  • Removable holder for 2 gas bottles (1.6L) for Zephyr
  • Bottle filling kit (20ml) with overpressure control. Includes: Tubing, overpressure regulator, vial holder, needles, septums.

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