Petrochemical Industry

Whether for industrial or environmental reasons, analytical constraints have evolved significantly over the past two decades.
Oil refineries and gas use many analyzers (eg GC) in their laboratories; whether control laboratories, production facilities or R & D labs for the Oil & Gas industry. These analyzers are required to provide accurate and reliable results continuously to conform to the specifications of ASTM or EN standards.
The GASMIX ™ instruments represent the most cost effective and reliable solution for these laboratories, which mostly need to be operational 24 hours / 24 and 7/7. The quality of calibration mixtures gives you the reassurance that your analytical results are always accurate.

Application examples

Gas chromatographs (GC) calibration

Gas chromatographs (GC) are often calibrated by creating a calibration line or curve covering the intended measuring range.
GasMix is used to generate the calibration points for these lines or curves. High accuracy of our mixer/diluter allow to create calibration mixtures that accurately match your requirements for precision while satisfying measurement uncertainty and traceability.
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Low sulfur content

The determination of sulfur and identification of sulfur compounds in the oil and gas matrices are increasingly required by industry. Sulfur content is strictly regulated in finished products like LPG, gasoline, diesel and now limits lowered for marine fuels. To assure specified level in finished products, row materials (oil, gas) and intermediate products from refining are also controlled.
The elemental analyzes required to measure down to very low concentrations or trace with constraints of both LOQ and linearity of response . The single-point calibration is not sufficient, the method requirements are moving more and more towards regular multi-point calibrations.
The example of the sulfur content in natural gas is typical. Taking into account the nature of compounds (H2S, mercaptans, thio, etc.) and of the matrix makes the calibration of analyzers complex when it is a trace (<1 ppm S) GasMix ™

Low sulfur content in GPL/NGL

Designed and produced by AlyTech, the new external LPG module AURA for GasMix™ allows to perform Gas and LPG analyses according to the ASTM D6667 or ASTM D7551 method for instance, based on a multipoint calibration.
The AURA is LPG/LNG evaporating device equipped with a heat regulator to set optimal evaporation temperature and heated transfer lines. It makes Aiolos II a Unique and Universal Gas & LPG Sampler and Injector. It will allow you to significantly reduce the number of calibration gas cylinders to store!

Calibrate a refinery gas analyzer (RGA)

Calibrate a refinery gas analyzer (RGA) in seven points as now requested CEN 12-260 standard. With GasMix Zephyr this task done easy using a single bottle of gas standard. Zephyr is simple, portable and inexpressive instrument to run on-site dilutions.

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