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One Gas Standard,
Unlimited Concentrations
by Dynamic Dilution

by dynamic dilution ISO 6145-7
Prepare your calibration gas on-site
with a Smart Software
Compact Gas Diluter
from a Neat Liquid
Generation of ppb gas standards
Products Gasmix

Our products Gasmix

Advanced solutions for diluting / mixing up to 16 gases simultaneously with high accuracy, reproducibility and traceability – this is the GasMix™

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Products LiqMix

Our products LiqMix

LiqMix is an automated and cost effective way to generate a standard gas from a liquid or liquid mixture down to ppb levels of concentration

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Products Permix

Our products Permix

Based on permeation tube technology combined with precise mass flow controllers PerMix is all-in-one calibration solution for laboratory of field use

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About GasMix™

about us GasMix

GasMix™ is an AlyTech brand of automated systems for mixing or diluting gases and vapors of liquids in order to create on-site customized gas mixtures specific to the user’s need and application, for example, calibration gas standards or synthetic atmospheres. All packaged in a compact instrument, bench-top, rack mounted or portable.

GasMix is capable :

  • Significantly reduce your stock of gas standard cylinders and related cost
  • Prepare gas standards by controlled liquid vaporization or by permeation technique
  • In compliance with ISO 6145-7 prepare Single and Multipoint Calibration Gas Standards by dynamic dilution with high precision, accurate and with full traceability
  • Perform perfectly controlled blending of 2 to 16 gases with a dilution up to 10000 times
  • By user defined program make binary or multi-component gas mixtures in wide range of concentrations from % levels down to traces level
  • Deliver or inject generated gases to an analyzer, reactor or a canister
  • Fit to nearly any application thanks to intuitive software and automation
  • Handle pure gases, concentrated gas mixtures, most of aggressive and reactive gases

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GasMix™ benefits


Replace constraints of purchasing multiple cylinders with different concentrations of the component. Take one cylinder and make your calibration gas at different concentrations down to traces on-site. Case studies prove, GasMix™ is paid back in about 1 year.


With the GasMix™ from easily available high concentration standard, stable and accurate, you produce on-site low level concentrations at your choice with very little added uncertainty


Less cylinders you need, more safer your storage, easier logistics and less space for cylinders and gas plumbing. In addition, GasMix™ software helps to manage your cylinder expiration dates.


Some mixtures are unstable at storage, some are even not commercially available. GasMix™ solves this problem by making standard just when you need it. LiqMix is the solution for such mixtures as BTX, other VOC, Ethanol, Siloxanes  and more.


Build, save, run complex automated sequences of mixing/diluting adapted to every need. GasMix™ is controlled via dedicated software enabling unattended automatic operation.


GasMix™ software calculates and report the final uncertainty of each generated concentration. The Audit Trail function performs complete traceability of the operations carried out.

Why choose GASMIX ?

GasMix is the appropriate companion for all gas analysers or detectors for validation purposes.

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Years on the market
10 000 000
dilution ratio from initial concentration
gases mixing simultaneously
ISO 6145-7
GasMix compliant

Markets we serve

  • Environnemental – Ambient air surveillance, CEMS
  • Petrochemical – Oil & Gas laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical, Food & Flavour – Quality control
  • Automotive Industry – Engine bench and Emission Control
  • Specialty Gases : customized secondary standards
  • Calibration Laboratories and Inspections
  • Renewable Energy – Biogas
  • Research: Generation of complex gas mixtures

Key Applications

  • Linearity check and calibration of Gas Chromatography with FID, TCD, PID, PHID, SCD, MS and other detectors
  • Calibration of gas analysers for refinery RGA’s
  • Linearity check and calibration of elemental analysers, like sulphur traces
  • Validation, model building and calibration of FTIR, RAMAN and other spectrometers
  • On-line gas analyser calibration for ambient air monitoring, CEMS, stack gas
  • Production control, LOD-LOQ and calibration of gas detectors
  • Creation of controlled atmosphere in reactors for aging, oxidation research
  • Air treatment systems control (Regeneration performance)

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