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Simple & Cost-saving LPG Vaporizer for ASTM D6667

The AURA is compliant with ASTM D6667 method “Total Volatile Sulfur in Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Liquefied Petroleum Gases by UVF” and often used for calibration and sample introduction into elemental analyzers. All tubing is treated inert to the reactive sulfur compounds and suitable for trace analysis.
In combination with automated gas blender/diluter GasMix™ from AlyTech, the system prepares multi-point calibration standards in LPG matrix. Equipped with an injection valve and flexible software, the GasMix™ system can interface with the analyzer and run fully automatic sequences of routine quality assurance program. Use a LPG standard avoids matrix effects (that may occur if an analyzer is calibrated with gases while samples being LPG), giving more accurate results. The solution enables calibration of your analyzer and checks the linearity of response without really limitation on the number of points.
The solution offered by AlyTech significantly increases productivity, providing a maximum operator safety and improve your quality assurance while running LPG samples.

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