Transfer a gas mixture using a tedlar® bag

How to properly use sampling bag with a GasMix ? Dynamic gas mixers/diluters GasMix™ deliver the desired concentration directly in the output line, which is typically connected to an analyzer like GC, spectrometer, or a reactor. Where it is not possible or not convenient, the gas can be collected in a sampling bag and future Read More

New GasMix NOMAD designed to travel

A compact and versatile instrument assists you in routine quality procedures Alytech presents new member of GasMix family – NOMAD – portable gas diluter with 3 or 4 gas channels.   Responding to the market demand, this new product offers to field auditors, quality assurance engineers, maintenance technicians and operators of air monitoring station operators a Read More

Versatile LPG vaporizer

Simple, safe & cost-saving The new AlyTech vaporizer AURA II significantly increases productivity, safety and improves your quality assurance while running LPG or other liquefied gas samples. Equipped with heating, pressure, and flow regulators it is flexible to set optimal conditions for your application. In combination with automated gas blender/diluter AIOLOS, it can generate multi-point Read More

Zephyr a portable dilutor

Make your calibration gases on-site by GasMix™ Zephyr. Equipped with optional rechargeable battery and with a support for two small gas cylinders, our popular gas diluter Zephyr can be used in the lab or in the field where you need it. The battery provides an autonomy up to 8 hours and a typical 110L gas charge Read More

Compact gas diluter with a smart software

The smart and space-saver dilutor GasMix™ Zephyr On-site customized Gas Standard Preparation has never been easier than with Zephyr – a compact version of well-known GasMix™ family from Alytech, France. This low cost, compact device is a smart companion in quality assurance for all gas analyzers, GC or gas detectors helping you significantly reduce your Read More

AURA and ASTM D6667

Simple & Cost-saving LPG Vaporizer for ASTM D6667 The AURA is compliant with ASTM D6667 method “Total Volatile Sulfur in Gaseous Hydrocarbons and Liquefied Petroleum Gases by UVF” and often used for calibration and sample introduction into elemental analyzers. All tubing is treated inert to the reactive sulfur compounds and suitable for trace analysis. In combination with automated Read More

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