Gas chromatographs (GC) calibration

GC calibration

Gas chromatographs (GC) detectors are often calibrated by injecting a calibration gas at different concentrations of one or multiple analytes. It allows building a multi-point calibration line or curve covering the intended measuring range.
GasMix is used to dilute a high concentration calibration gas to generate calibration points. High accuracy of our mixer/diluter allows to create calibration mixtures that match rigorous quality requirements for precision and uncertainty. The GasMix software developed by Alytech engineers offers versatile features and full traceability of operations.

For some applications, the elution time can be long and the full multipoint calibration procedure takes a considerable amount of time. But with GasMix this routine can be completely automated by synchronizing the operation of the GasMix and a GC. The operator just needs to verifiy the connections and press a button.

Please download complete application note to learn details of this routine application.

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