Calibrate 3 analyzers in a row automatically !

Model ATMO calibration gas generator dedicated to the air monitoring agencies.
Developed in collaboration with French air monitoring agencies, GasMix™ ATMO can calibrate 3 analyzers in a row
Compliant to EN standards: Repeatability and linearity tests of SO2, NO-NOX and CO analyzers are simplified and automated.
Standard EN 14181″ Stationary source emissions – Quality assurance of automated measuring systems” requires a linearity calibration, over at least 6 additional points equally divided across the measuring range. When it comes to 6 point calibration, GasMix helps to operator save a time and cost during these routine controls while assuring high accuracy of the calibration.

Using GasMix ™ Aiolos II you benefit of :

  • Economical and application driven design
  • Compliant to ISO 6145-7 standard
  • Couples of ON/OFF valves and 3-way valves
  • Equipped with 2 Mass Flow Controllers (MFC)
  • MFC factory calibrated to all gas matrix
  • Handle 3span gases and dilution Air-zero gas
  • Dilution ratio : up to 1/10000





Standard gases and sequences of gas mixtures are defined through the GasMix™ ATMO control interface, giving the ability to create projects adapted to every need and every procedure (repeatability, linearity…). An Audit Trail function included in the software guarantees the operation traceability, recording the actual flows sent to the analyzers.

Environment – Air quality monitoring
ISO 14385 describes the quality assurance procedures for calibration and ongoing quality control needed to ensure that automated measuring systems (AMS) installed to measure emissions of greenhouse gases to air are capable of meeting the uncertainty requirements on measured values specified Automatic sequences were configured in the GasMix ™ software and interfaced with air monitoring analyzers for SO2, NO-NOx and CO
These sequences are used to assess the linearity of analyzers on their measuring range in six concentrations (80%, 40%, 0%, 60%, 20% and 95%) and repeatability on three concentration levels (zero, 95% and national calibration concentration).
The GasMix software is flexible to build a sort of randomised sequences of concentrations for the linearity check of individual analysers as perstandards requirements.
The measurements are performed according to the methods specified in the standards EN 14211 ‘ Standard method for the measurement of the concentration of nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen monoxide by chemiluminescence’; EN 14212’Ambient air. Standard method for the measurement of the concentration of sulfur dioxide by UV fluorescence’; and EN 14626 ‘Ambient air. Standard method for the measurement of the
concentration of carbon monoxide by non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy.’
For the linearity check the residuals are calculated from real generated concentrations by a GasMix , not those calculated from the alibration curve. GasMix software provides this information.

Number of gas channels: 3
Dilution gas: Air Zero
Number of connected analysers: 3
Accuracy: less than 1% of the flow all over the scale
Dilution ratio: from 0,5 to 10000 of the initial concentration
Inlet Gas Pressure: 3 bars nominal, max 8 bars
Outlet Pressure: atmospheric, higher pressure possible on request (contact us)
Software: PC Windows 7 or higher, Ethernet port communication
Operation temperature: 0 – 50°C
Power supply: 115 – 230V / 4 – 2 A
Dimensions: L x l x h (cm) : 42 x 22 x 46
Weight: 14 kg
Connection: Swagelok 1/8′

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